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OliOlli 2: Welcome to OlliWood is a video game for people who love video games — or, more specifically, people who love how video games are designed.
It's a testament to the unlimited power of One Game Mechanic, which can build billions-served franchises from scratch in the right hands, or bring an otherwise terrific game to its knees in the wrong. The original OlliOlli was composed entirely out of Good Game Mechanics, with virtually zero fat in between — the result was a masterfully crafted, if not slightly insubstantial mash note to skateboarding games.

But OlliOlli 2 has One Game Mechanic — several, actually, but one's a stellar stand-out — that serves as a bonding agent for the mechanics of the original. This time, you can perform manuals, letting you chain your tricks and grinds into level-long masterpieces; and as obvious as that addition may seem, OlliOlli 2 absolutely nails it.

Installation guide

  1. Install the game.
  2. Play the game. We recommend using a firewall as usual.
  3. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT!

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